The International Fundraising Congress (IFC) conferences are world-renowned networking and educational opportunities where delegates and speakers come together to share their industry knowledge and expertise.

So what are the most exciting and unmissable aspects of attending an IFC event?? Here are the Top 5 things you won’t miss if you sign up for IFC Holland 2018:

1. Speakers from more than 30 countries

We’re thrilled to announce the lineup of IFC Holland 2018! Our speakers are influential industry leaders that will be bringing you their unique and diverse perspectives from 30 countries and 6 continents.

EUROPE: Lena Vizy, (Netherlands) Senior Fundraiser, Amnesty International

Fun Fact – Lena joined the fundraising team at Amnesty in 2013. Previously she worked as a Marketer for the National Opera and Ballet of the Netherlands and The Dutch Opera.

AFRICA: Bart Weetjens, (Tanzania,) Co-Lead, The Wellbeing Project

Fun Fact – Bart initiated the use of trained giant African pouched rats (HeroRATS) as an alternative and sustainable landmine detector, in response to the global landmine challenge.

SOUTH AMERICA: Marcelo Iniarra, (Argentina,) Founder/Creative Consultant

Fun Fact – Marcelo was one of the global pioneers of digital mobilisation in the social sector, leading the design and implementation of cyberactivism and fundraising at Greenpeace International.

NORTH AMERICA: Caroline Riseboro, (Canada,) President & CEO, Plan International

Fun Fact – In 2017, Caroline was named Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women in the trailblazer category and she is credited with launching campaigns that have engaged Canadians on some of the world’s toughest issues.

ASIA: Khaled Khalifa, (Saudi Arabia,) Regional Representative GCC, UNHCR

Fun Fact – Khaled has worked with major international organizations in countries including Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Indonesia, Malaysia, Libya, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, and KSA

AUSTRALIA: Nicola Norris, (Australia,) Director of Fundraising and Marketing, Greenpeace Australia Pacific

Fun Fact – Nicola has dedicated her career to increasing fundraising revenue for several NGOs including Greenpeace, the Heart Foundation and Amnesty International.

2. More than 100 education opportunities

At IFC Holland, you will have your choice of deep-dive Masterclasses, interactive Workshops, inspiring Plenaries, engaging Resource Cafe sessions, and Big Room lectures.

MASTERCLASSES: A 6 ½ hour session over 2 days

Your expert speaker will guide you through powerful learnings and interactive conversations, and you’ll come away with actionable solutions.

WORKSHOPS: Hands on Learnings

You’ll gain a wealth of practical, strategic learnings boiled down into 90-minute helpings served up by some of the most focused practitioners in the social impact sector.

THE RESOURCE CAFE: Informal, fluid, conversational
The more intimate setting and less structured agendas are well suited to a lively Q&A format and an overall feeling of ‘Together We Can’ among everyone in the room.

BIG ROOM: Lectures that inspire conversation
It’s all about The Big Picture: Bigger-than-life speakers, in front of a big crowd on a big stage in a big room, talking about The Big Issues.

PLENARIES: Keynote sessions to effect change

Our opening and closing plenary sessions are specially created for IFC Holland. They are designed to inspire, to educate, and to challenge you to stretch your heart and mind, your ambition and your self-belief.

3. Networking, networking, networking

With over 1000 delegates and over 100 speakers, at IFC Holland, you’ll be gaining up-close-and-personal access to the leading changemakers of the social impact sector. Strike up a conversation about journey mapping over coffee. Learn about digital innovations from a new friend at a cocktail reception. Trade stories about rethinking fundraising strategy while dancing at the IFC Holland Gala.

And for more structured networking opportunities, don’t miss Lunch & Learns, Power Hours, and Special Social Sessions like yoga and wellness activities.

And don’t forget to “be social!” Connect with your new friends and colleagues on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook and be sure to tag #IFCHolland in your posts!

4. A chance to learn more about The Resource Alliance

The Resource Alliance was founded in 1981 as a support network to keep delegates connected and engaged between conferences. Today’s Resource Alliance still serves as a bridge from IFC to IFC, but its role and reach have expanded to include myriad education and leadership training opportunities, and a mission to foster and support collaboration within the global social impact sector.

At IFC Holland, you’ll have the chance to meet our team, learn about our global IFC events and impacts, and to discover how you can become an active member of our community. Don’t be shy when you see one of us! We’d like nothing more than to tell you more about our Mission!


You’ll hear new stories, new perspectives, enjoy specially curated sessions that you won’t see anywhere else, including our opening and closing keynotes, and you’ll discover that you are part of an amazing global movement for change.

Opening Plenary: Together We Can

Expect music. Expect powerful personal stories. Expect a call for radical collaboration. Expect to be challenged by:

  • Mesmerizing Argentinian pianist Sergio Feferovich – a musician with a message
  • Asha Curran, one of the minds behind the phenomenon that is #GivingTuesday, exploring what it looks like to put New Power principles into action
  • DSIL Global CEO Katy Grennier with a profound and personal call for our work to be driven by a radical approach to inclusion and problem solving
  • This specially created plenary will be hosted by the co-founder of, Aliza Napartivaumnuay

Closing plenary: I am a little bird and I will fly into the sky

How do you get from one of the darkest places imaginable, to a place of empowerment, even joy?

Listen to this closing plenary from Esther Dingemans, Director, The Dr Denis Mukwege Foundation, and you will begin to understand how such an extraordinary journey can be possible.

There’s no end to the chances and connections you won’t make if you don’t join us from 16-19 October, so register today for IFC Holland!

And thanks to our corporate travel partnership with Dutch airline KLM, they are kindly offering discounted flights to and from Amsterdam Schiphol for IFC delegates. When you book your tickets through us, you’ll be eligible to receive 15% off your KLM flights to IFC between 10-24 October 2018. That means you can schedule a few days before or after the conference to explore the beautiful canals, historic architecture, and exciting cultural attractions of Amsterdam!

The International Fundraising Congress (IFC) brings together a thousand changemakers, innovators, and thought leaders from over 60 countries to address the biggest challenges facing our world today. From 16-19 October, you’ll work together to create plans and calls to actions. You’ll meet your heroes, share your stories, and leave with a renewed sense of community and hope.

At IFC Holland 2018: Together We Can, we will be addressing the hottest topics and most relevant trends in the industry. And believe us, you don’t want to miss out on any of the action! When you register early for IFC Holland, you’ll get first dibs on deep-dive Masterclasses, on-site 4 star accommodation, and ticket options that match your goals and your budget.

Here are the Top Reasons Early Birds Win at IFC Holland 2018

You’ll secure the Masterclass of your choice!

IFC Masterclasses are deep-dive sessions led by industry leaders covering today’s most relevant topics in learning tracks like Leadership, Innovation, Strategy, Communications, and of course Fundraising. Masterclasses are 6 ½ hour sessions held over two days. With a maximum of 40 participants each, the sessions are designed to be interactive and intensive, guaranteeing that you’ll come away with practical and strategic learnings.

Whether you’re interested in learning about Journey Mapping or Digital Fundraising, Building Corporate Sponsorships or improving your #DonorLove, you’ll need to register for your session in advance to secure attendance.

You’ll be eligible for discounted KLM airfare to Holland!

Thanks to our corporate travel partnership with Dutch airline KLM, they are kindly offering discounted flights to and from Amsterdam Schiphol for IFC delegates. When you book your tickets through us, you’ll be eligible to receive 15% off your KLM flights to IFC between 10-24 October 2018. There are only a limited number of discounted tickets available, and you must be able to provide proof of your IFC Holland 2018 registration.

You’ll be able to reserve 4 star on-site accommodation!

IFC Holland is held at the four star conference centre NH Leeuwenhorst Hotel, approximately 30-40 minutes away from Amsterdam City Centre and from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The on-site rooms in the conference centre are reserved for delegates who have booked the Masterclass Programme only and are on a first-come, first-served basis. There are only a limited number of onsite rooms available at at NH Leeuwenhorst Hotel, so late registrants will have to stay off-site at one of our satellite hotels, accessible by shuttle bus service

You’ll be able to choose a ticket type to suit your goals & budget!

IFC Holland offers a variety of ticket tiers that vary by conference access level and accommodation type (Economy – Deluxe:)

  • If you book our IFC programme that includes an intensive Masterclass with accommodation, the cost includes 3 nights’ accommodation with breakfast, 4 lunches (Tuesday to Friday), 3 evening meals including entry into our Gala night, tea & coffee and of course attendance to our workshops and big room sessions.
  • If you book our standard IFC programme (not including access to our Masterclasses) with accommodation, the cost includes 2 nights’ accommodation with breakfast, 3 lunches (Wednesday to Friday), 2 evening meals including entry into our Gala night, tea & coffee and attendance at to our workshops and big room sessions.

When you book ahead, you can choose the package that’s right for you.

IFC Holland is an investment in you, your organisation, your cause, and the change you want to see and create in the world! When you register for IFC Holland early, you’ll have the opportunity to make the absolute most out of your experience.

Don’t let #FOMO get you down! Book your ticket today and together we can have the best and most impactful #IFCHolland experience yet!