The International Fundraising Congress Experience

The world’s leading fundraising congress is coming to the Asian region.
Join us.

A unique conference tailored to your needs and challenges, IFC Asia is:

The only conference in the Asia Pacific region that brings together NGO, CSR, individual philanthropy, social enterprise, fundraising and volunteerism. It’s about fundraising, and it’s about so much more.

The place where people whose life’s work it is to change the world can gather for education, networking, and inspiration. An energised spot to feed their minds, bare their souls and open their hearts.

A unique event that brings speakers and participants from Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, India, Australia and New Zealand, as well as global fundraising masters together.


 IFC Asia will help you to become

better equipped to raise crucial funds for your organisation, better prepared to understand the evolving landscape of philanthropy and social change in the Asia Pacific region, and better positioned to create sustainable funding models for your organisation and lasting change in the lives of the people you serve.

To make it easier for you to persuade the decision makers at your organisation to make the investment of budget, and time away from the office, we’ve created this document that you can edit and personalize, print out, or create an email or even a full-blown presentation from – whatever it takes to get you here!


Beyond fundraising:
Innovative collaboration for the future

To think toward the future, we must challenge how we operate today. In addition to supporting the day-to-day work of fundraisers in 2017, IFC Asia will give delegates tools and insights to move beyond the challenges of short-term income generation and into a more sustainable future built on trailblazing models, innovative partnerships, social enterprise, and educated-but-daring investment.

Practical education to help you do what you do … better, easier, smarter.

Build a direct response program; craft a digital strategy, get more grants, cultivate major donors, outline or refine your overall fundraising strategy.

Tell your organisation’s story to build a strong case for support, master the use of data to drive results, add or grow a crowdfunding strategy, raise money on the phone, support innovative leadership, understand and nurture your on-staff millennials, and much more

The Resource Alliance has been creating international fundraising conferences for nearly 40 years. We’re thrilled to debut our premiere event in Asia.


The IFC Asia roster is made up a variety of session types – just like our flagship IFC event: 

Opening and closing plenaries: high-energy bookmarks to the conference that set the tone in the beginning and prime delegates for learning, and then close out the conference and send them off ready to take their new ideas and inspiration home and put them into action at their jobs

Masterclasses: intensive, small-group sessions that take a deep-dive look at critical topics in an intimate setting

Big Room Sessions: large-format sessions where big thinkers in the sector take to the big stage to take on big issues with a big crowd

Workshops: more traditional sessions focusing on strategy, particularly in fundraising and leadership.


Use code “50OFF” to save £50 on your ticket.

Discount ends 31. May

Full 3 day ticket with accommodation* (includes masterclass) £660

Full 3 day ticket no accommodation (includes masterclass) £450

*Venue for onsite accommodation is Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park.

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