With more than 30 years of experience in delivering training, knowledge sharing and a network of expertise that spans the globe, the Resource Alliance receives requests from organisations large and small for help with their resource mobilisation and fundraising needs. The Emerge Programme was developed with insight gained from over ten years’ global and regional experience of delivering tailored capacity development programmes. The programme is implemented with input and insight from our unrivalled network of fundraising and resource mobilisation professionals (Associates) around the world to deliver a comprehensive capacity building programme.

The guiding vision for this programme is the emergence of organisations as capable actors capable of delivering on their mission – a vision that we share with many sector stakeholders and donors. The programme has been successfully implemented with partners in regions and countries as varied as Mexico, India and the UK. The programme moves through states of assessment, training, strategy development and mentoring to deliver:

– Strengthened organisational capacity in fundraising and resource mobilisation, including, if needed, the development of appropriate organisational structures and processes

– Enhanced resource mobilisation skills, competence and confidence amongst key staff

– A functioning resource mobilisation strategy with plans and tools to support the process

– Mentoring for increased and diversified funding in the short, medium and long term.