IFC is incomparable. Here's why.

What has to happen before your organisation can surpass even its dreamiest dreams of making world-changing, life-saving impact and real progress in the world? It could be something as simple as a new conversation.

IFC 2017 is all about that new conversation, about moving away from “helping” to empowering, from CSR to shared value, from donations to sustainability. We’ll learn about fundraising and engagement, sure… but get ready to also tear down the structure of how we talk about social change, and to rethink everything about what we do …

Scary? Maybe. Crucial? Absolutely.

Four days of brilliance

To keep things interesting, IFC’s rich programme is composed of a number of different session types and formats, delivered from a roster of world-class speakers:

  • Masterclasses: Over the course two days, IFC masterclasses take a deep dive into crucial topics. Lots of time for lively interaction with speakers and fellow delegates. Great opportunities to really unravel the topic at hand.
  • Workshops: Workshops are practical, hands-on sessions that let delegates get down and dirty with data, strategy, results, the real how and why of what’s working and what isn’t. They are divided into tracks to keep things tidy and help you create a full and well-rounded conference schedule that meets all your learning needs and interests. This year’s tracks are:
    • Fundraising from the few (partnerships and major gifts, for example)
    • Fundraising from the many (more mass-produced types of campaigns and strategies)
    • Communications & storytelling
    • Innovation in action (case studies and results from highly creative campaigns)
    • Leadership & the healthy organisation (creating a positive and productive internal culture
    • Rethinking strategy (fresh, fresh, fresh ideas)
  • Plenaries: IFC is known for its powerful plenaries. Guest speakers from around the world leave us with tears in our eyes, lumps in our throats, and a renewed desire and commitment to making a difference.
  • Special Sessions: Special sessions mix things up and keep delegates on their toes. These include:
    • Ask Me Anything: Our presenters open the floor to your questions. You literally can ask them anything (on topic, of course)!
    • Lunch & Learn: More casual gatherings where you can join in a lively conversation with a speaker and your fellow delegates over the noonday meal.
    • `Big Room: Big-picture stuff so heady it can’t be contained to a regular-sized session room!
    • Resource Café: Another chance to meet speakers in a more casual setting for a riveting Q&A session.
  • Rounding it all out: IFC is about more than formal learning. It’s a totally immersive experience. It all happens under one roof. You’ll eat, breathe, drink, dance, meditate, innovate for four days. And that’s a great thing! So in addition to all of the sessions, we round things out with:
    • Networking galore! Lots of space and opportunities to mingle with your colleagues from around the world, as well as hunker down and have dinner or drinks with the speakers you just heard. Maybe you’ll meet them in the photo booth. Or in the sauna.
    • Well-being sessions to keep your head clear and your body moving. Yoga and organised running sessions, for example.
    • Our (in)famous gala. We’d tell you more, but then we’d have to swear you to secrecy – and that would drastically hinder our tell-a-friend campaign!

5 reasons why you should come to IFC 2017

  1. New relationships: Powerful bonding with people whose teachings and experiences will influence your work throughout your career.
  2. Personal and professional growth: ROI that is successfully measurable in funds raised, organisational impact and personal empowerment.
  3. Tools, not theory: Strategies and insights you can put to work before you even unpack, and those that will inform your work for years to come
  4. Immersive & inclusive: Your ticket includes all workshops and special sessions, networking opportunities, wellness and social events, food and, if you choose, accommodations and a masterclass. Everyone learns, eats, relaxes, socialises together for the duration, so conversations happen organically in the dining rooms, the hallways, even on the dance floor!
  5. Teaching the teachers: You’ll return to work ready to share your new knowledge with your staff and leadership – and you’ll even be equipped to make an impact throughout your region. Resource Alliance support continues year-round to help you share your learnings.

Who will be there?

Attracting 1,000 delegates each year, IFC is truly global. You’ll experience both the vast and beautiful differences of change-makers from around the world and the collective drive that propels them toward a common goal. Traditionally, IFC welcomes speakers and delegates from more than 60 countries, from organisations of all sizes and missions. Delegates include fundraising directors and managers, CEOs and board members, marketing and communications team members, partnership directors, and specialist fundraisers like major gifts and legacy officers. Think is it as 1,000 voices singing the same song in a multitude of accents.

But the investment …

Finally, you might be looking at the investment it takes to attend the IFC and wondering if it’s the best use of your donor’s money. Think of it this way:

Donors give, entrusting you to use their contributions to support your mission. You invest that money, brilliantly, in the work you do and in obvious essentials like keeping the lights on. Fundraiser education might not seem like a top-tier investment.

However, without ongoing education, a regular infusion of inspiration, and time spent in fellowship with your peers … strategies and ideas become outdated. Passion wanes. You lose your edge — and donors feel it. They become disengaged and look elsewhere for the faith and loyalty you once inspired in them. Ultimately, your mission suffers — which, by the way, is the absolute antithesis of why your donors choose to support you in the first place.

Fundraisers and change-makers an do-gooders and even superheroes need to kick back once in a while with people who just “get” us. It’s crucial for us to keep our fires lit and our skills honed.

The IFC is the best place to do that. There isn’t another conference anywhere that brings together such a diverse group of intensely passionate attendees and speakers in such a spirited and immersive environment.

Simply put, IFC is incomparable.








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