Revolution? Or evolution?

We’re about both. We’re looking ahead at the new face of social change; we’ll help you navigate that fresh and fertile terrain… new models, new funding sources, new thinking… that new conversation.

And that’s what we had at IFC 2017.


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IFC is known for its powerful plenaries. Guest speakers from around the world leave us with tears in our eyes, lumps in our throats, and a renewed desire and commitment to making a difference.


IFC masterclasses take a deep dive into crucial topics, offering lots of time for lively interaction with speakers and fellow delegates. Great opportunities to really unravel the topic at hand.


Workshops are practical, hands-on sessions that let delegates get down and dirty with data, strategy, results, the real how and why of what’s working and what isn’t.

IFC workshops are divided into tracks to keep things tidy and help you create a full and well-rounded conference schedule that meets all your learning needs and interests.

Workshop tracks from 2017 were:

Fundraising from the few (partnerships and major gifts, for example)
Fundraising from the many (more mass-produced types of campaigns and strategies)
Communications & storytelling
Innovation in action (case studies and results from highly creative campaigns)
Leadership & the healthy organisation (creating a positive and productive internal culture)
Rethinking strategy (fresh, fresh, fresh ideas)




IFC is about more than formal learning. It’s a totally immersive experience. It all happens under one roof. You eat, breathe, drink, dance, meditate, innovate for four days. And that’s a great thing! So in addition to all of the sessions, we round things out with:
Nooks and crannies and networking… oh my!
Lots of space and opportunities to canoodle with your colleagues from around the world, as well as hunker down and have dinner or drinks with the speakers you just heard.
Well-being sessions to keep your head clear and your body moving
Yoga (soothe your soul), meditation (feed your head), running (as mom used to say, “Get out and get the stink blowed off ya.”)
Our (in)famous gala
Let’s just say that it gets better every year.

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