The IFC is hardly an all-work-and-no-play affair.

Alongside all the sessions, workshops and networking opportunities, we’ve planned a happily holistic Social & Wellbeing Programme, as well.

Consider it a chance to go from mingling to meditating – in a matter of minutes!


OK, we’ll say it…

Our Social Programme is legendary among alumni.

It’s one of the many things that sets IFC apart from the rest of the fundraising conferences in the world. From the pub quiz to the groovy gala, we’ve envisioned events that’ll help you make loads of new friends and connections.

Don’t just look at all of these opportunities – pencil them into your calendar and (where necessary) sign up in advance!


IFC regulars will know that learning can be exhausting! When your brain needs a break from all the fascinating findings that the IFC brings,

take the time to stop, breathe and simply be.

The IFC’s Wellbeing Programme will get your mind back on track by bringing your body into focus, during daily yoga, meditation and mindfulness and running sessions.

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