New relationships

Powerful bonding with people whose teachings and experiences will influence your work throughout your career.


Personal and professional growth

ROI that is successfully measurable in funds raised, organizational impact and personal empowerment.


Tools, not theory

Strategies and insights you can put to work before you even unpack, and those that will inform your work for years to come.


Immersive & inclusive

Your ticket includes all workshops and special sessions, networking opportunities, wellness and social events, food and, if you choose, accommodations and a masterclass. Everyone learns, eats, relaxes, socializes together for the duration, so conversations happen organically in the dining rooms, the hallways, even on the dance floor!


Teaching the teachers

You’ll return to work ready to share your new knowledge with your staff and leadership – and you’ll even be equipped to make an impact throughout your region. Resource Alliance support continues year-round to help you share your learnings..

Who will be there?

1,000 voices singing the same song in a multitude of accents
Attracting 1,000 delegates each year, IFC is truly global. You’ll experience both the vast and beautiful differences of change-makers from around the world and the collective drive that propels them toward a common goal. Traditionally, IFC welcomes speakers and delegates from more than 60 countries, from organisations of all sizes and missions. Delegates include fundraising directors and managers, CEOs and board members, marketing and communications team members, partnership directors, and specialist fundraisers like major gifts and legacy officers.

Need to convince your organisation the investment in an IFC ticket is worth their while? Download our Guide on what makes IFC 2017 so unique and such a great value! Perfect for convincing the boss, the board or your colleagues.


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