10 top tips for connecting with your people

01.10.2015 | Posted by Steven Yorke

What makes an organisation great? Its people, its employees, workers, every single one of them!

How does an organisation move from good to sustainable greatness? By consistently recognising that its strength lies in its people.

This is even more paramount within the charity sector, a sector very much reliant on the good will of volunteers, a sector where salaries are comparatively less than the private sector, so it’s a wonder to understand what attracts employees, workers and volunteers to join charity organisations.

As a HR professional that has sat on interview panels, most, if not all interviewees do honestly (let’s assume they are) say they want to be part of a great movement of bringing about change that improves lives. As a HR professional, I have too often seen how quickly the enthused new joiner begins to feel disillusioned in their direction to continue to support their chosen charity organisation.

How can charity organisations ensure their people remain connected, therefore sustainably engaged? Below are top 10 tips on how…

10 top tips for being connected!

  1. Engaging recruitment process with the appointed employee, worker or volunteer – oh and do not forget the future leaders, the interns!
  2. Engaging on-boarding process in the form of inductions, ensuring the new joiner is introduced, as far as practicable, to other departments
  3. Communicate your organisational values, mission and overarching strategies to further embed why your people are with you
  4. The ‘how we work here’ is also important as part an inclusive culture
  5. Setting individual objectives is crucial to ensuring everyone remain connected and engaged
  6. Give regular constructive feedback with coaching and development woven in
  7. Receive feedback too and be prepared to be challenged
  8. Be solution driven and bin the blame culture
  9. Have fun! Have activities and social days and get to know your people better
  10. Praise success!

Here’s a PDF showing how you can do this, with key processes and expected outcomes.

…and action!

Your HR professional should proactively be working with you to make this live. However HR professionals are often met with a time delay in some organisations being reactive rather than proactive. So ask yourselves, are you good or great? Are you connected with your people?

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