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Global Awards for Fundraising


Celebrating excellence, rewarding creativity

The Resource Alliance's Global Awards are celebrating the best in fundraising from around the world. Now in its 6th successful year, the Global Awards for Fundraising is the first international awards programme endorsed and supported by national fundraising associations.

Every year, a gala ceremony takes place at the International Fundraising Congress (IFC) in the Netherlands, where the winners are announced. The 2015 ceremony will take place on 21 October.


Entries for the Global Awards programme 2015 will be open soon.

      Global Awards for Fundraising


How it works

Only winners of national awards (either national fundraising awards programmes or Resource Alliance NGO Awards) are eligible for entry. National associations invite their winners to submit an entry to represent their country on the Global Awards stage. Winners can choose to enter one or more categories and shortlisted entrants will be invited to the awards ceremony at the International Fundraising Congress (IFC). Entries will be subject to a selection process whereby they are judged by an independent jury made up of five eminent professionals from around the world.

Find out more about the previous winners of the Global Awards for Fundraising.

If you are a fundraising association interested in getting your country involved in the Global Awards but do not yet have a national fundraising awards programme, the Resource Alliance can support you to set up your own national fundraising awards programme. 


If you would like further information on the Global Awards for Fundraising, would like to request an application form, or would like support in setting up a national fundraising awards programme, please email  

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