Research papers

Several research papers are currently available as a result of the Bellagio Initiative. 

Bridging the World of Philanthropy: Present and Future

This paper was inspired by discussions from two events convened by the Resource Alliance as part of the Bellagio Initiative, The Forum on Bridging Philanthropy and Development in Africa and Asia in June 2012 and the World of Philanthropy: Present and Future in October 2012.

Report on Risk and Philanthropy

Inspired by discussions at the Bellagio Summit, this report was commissioned to examine how risks in international development philanthropy are defined, assessed and managed.

The Dilemma of Middle Class Philanthropy

This summary report, which was inspired by discussions which took formed part of the Bellagio Initiative, focuses on the BRIC countries.

Global consultation meeting reports

The Resource Alliance held four global consultation meetings between August and October 2011 and the notes from each meeting can be downloaded below: 

Mapping document

The Resource Alliance also commissioned a report into the current context and future outlook of philanthropy. 

Our conferences and other activities