Big data, AI and unicorns

Thu 19 Oct 14.00-15.30
Thu 19 Oct 16.00-17.30

There is a lot of buzz about Big Data, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence, but how do not for profit organizations separate the hope from the hype? This session will focus on understanding how big data and analytics can be used to improve results. This session will not be about chasing unicorns or other mythical creatures unlikely to drive improved performance. We’ll cover the basics and the buzz words before having a meaningful discussion on what it takes to be successful in the age of big data.

This session will explore:
– Fundamental concepts around the use of Big Data, Analytics, and AI
– How nonprofits and INGOs can better leverage data to drive value creation in their organizations
– Address the challenges of privacy, GDPR, and other data related regulations
– Discuss how organizations overcome cultural and technological roadblocks to become more data driven