An IFC success story: Blue Ocean fundraising strategy and implementation

Similar to any product, fundraising strategies can either operate in fiercely competitive Red Oceans, or Blue Oceans where innovation makes the competition irrelevant. Given that choice, who wouldn’t want their strategy to live in a Blue Ocean? Following previous IFC sessions on Blue Ocean Strategy, SOS Children’s Villages consciously moved into Blue Ocean fundraising – and this session will explore that move and the benefits captured. This masterclass will be highly interactive. The teaching portion of the class will invite participants to use examples from their NGOs. The small-group portion will ask participants to create a Strategy Canvas for an NGO and then use that canvas to determine if moving into a Blue Ocean is possible and how to best do it.

Learning outcomes:

– What is Blue Ocean Strategy? (Using for-profit examples)

– How does ocean color impact strategy?

– What does Blue Ocean fundraising strategy look like? (Learnings from SOS’ implementation of Blue Ocean Strategy)

Who should attend:

This session is aimed at anyone who wants a deeper understanding of how the competitive NGO fundraising environment impacts your NGO’s fundraising, as well as anyone seeking to move their fundraising strategy into a Blue Ocean.