The essentials of major donor fundraising

If you’re just starting out in a major giving program – or if you’re even just thinking about it – you’ve probably heard that major donors require very precise cultivation, care and feeding, and that might seem daunting. This hardcore basics masterclass will meet you where you are and set you on the right course to where you need to be when it comes to high-value donors. It covers the al- important essentials of major donor fundraising, including the seven steps of the major donor cycle, focusing on cultivation, the ask and stewardship. You’ll also get to know and practice the 24 major giving skills; outline a case for support and/or a project description; practice making the ask; and outline a stewardship plan.

Learning outcomes:

– Know the all-important steps in a strategic major donor programme
– Know and practice major giving skills and the ask (with other exercises such as the elevator pitch and the art of conversation)

Who should attend:

Beginners in major gift fundraising, NGO staff and agencies who support organisations in major donor fundraising.