Feel the Bern: The latest and greatest in digital fundraising from the US presidential campaign

Wednesday, 11 May
14:00 UK time – click here for time zone conversion

The Obama campaigns pioneered new digital fundraising techniques. This innovation continues with the current US presidential campaigns. In February, Bernie Sanders raised over USD $40 million online, using new tools and techniques that NGOs are already beginning to apply to their own work.

This session will showcase how the Sanders and Clinton campaigns (and others) have used email, mobile, the web and digital advertising to acquire new donors and make it easy and compelling for them to donate frequently.


Nick Allen, Nuevo Fundraising (USA)

For the last 15 years, Nick has helped major international and U.S. organisations build online programmes, including Amnesty International, UNICEF, UNHCR, UNAIDS, the Humane Society of the United States, Habitat for Humanity and CARE. Nick is director of the Nuevo Fundraising agency and was founder and CEO of Donordigital. He also leads the Mobile Futures Group, which brings together leading American NGOs to figure out the best ways to use mobile for advocacy, fundraising, and communications.