Mobile is eating the world

Thu 19 Oct 09.00-10.30

Thu 19 Oct 11.00-12.30

Mobile first is now our reality.

It’s an understatement to say we’re obsessed with our mobile phones. It’s more accurate to say that our mobile phones are an extension of us. We work, shop, play, watch, listen and take all forms of action on our phones. Our phones have become the way we interact with, and present ourselves to the world.

So if we can claim a space on the phones of our potential supporters, activists and campaigners, we can embed ourselves in their lives?

This session will be fast moving and full of examples of how nonprofits around the world have used mobile to raise money, communicate, drive action and inspire change.

– We’ll showcase how mobile has been used all over the world to identify people who will support charity with a monthly donation.
– We’ll look at how Breast Cancer Care, a UK charity, has fully embraced the mobile opportunity across all areas of its fundraising, communications and service delivery.
– We’ll look at how some of the US presidential campaigns in 2016 harnessed the power of mobile to drive fundraising success.
– We’ll look at how Facebook Live and Donate have been used in the USA to raise thousands of dollars for US charities.
– We’ll take a look at the emerging technologies and payment methods that will become increasingly important to us all.

You’ll leave this session with a greater understanding of how charities are using mobile to recruit supporters and connect with the public; a practical sense of what ‘thinking mobile first’ looks like; and our view on what’s coming next and where to focus your attention.