Mobile first: How big money starts in the palm of your supporters’ hands

“Mobile first” is now our reality.

Our existing and potential supporters are obsessed with their mobiles in all aspects of their social, family and professional lives, so shouldn’t we as fundraisers be as obsessed with how we harness their power for fundraising, activism, communication and even service delivery?

Mobile is now the main we way use social media. Many charities are already seeing the majority of their supporters opening emails and visiting their sites on smartphones. Multichannel campaigns involving SMS and telephone are becoming leading acquisition channels in some markets; ApplePay and its Android counterpart are making one-click payments popular. The explosive increase in use of messaging applications like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger is demanding our attention. So how do charities take advantage of donors’ almost 24-hour connectivity even though we are not central to their lives like Facebook, Instagram or YouTube?

Is your organisation maximising the fundraising potential of mobile?

In this masterclass, we’ll talk about new ways to acquire and retain donors and activists within an integrated marketing and fundraising plan.

We will document the explosive growth of mobile fundraising in the UK and how it is being translated across the globe. We’ll talk about how mobile is being used in cross-channel campaigns for NGOs in different markets to:

– Recruit donors
– Retain donors
– Facilitate monthly giving
– Drive social media interactions
– Deliver key services

In discussing what makes a successful mobile fundraising campaign, we will look at:

– What makes a good proposition that drives mobile response
– The channels that work (and those that don’t)
– The importance of conversion
– How to use mobile as a gateway to social engagement
– Integrating mobile into an NGO’s multi-channel fundraising and communications programme
– The regulation and mobile environment that’s needed to make it a success
– How charities think about mobile as a concept across a whole range of different uses and applications
– Opportunities for innovation through apps and new digital products
– We will also make sure we give you a clear view on the technologies and applications you should be focussed on for the future.

What’s in it for you and your organisation? You will leave this interactive masterclass full of ideas about how to do more with mobile once you get back to your day job. You will immerse yourself in the details of how to maximise mobile through a mixture of theory, case studies from all over the globe, and the opportunity to engage and network with people who are succeeding in this area.