Bill Toliver

USA (Chair)

After 20 years developing successful branding-communications for Fortune 500 clients like Westin Hotels and Hewlett-Packard, Bill has spent the last decade bringing non-traditional thinking to organisations involved in social change. As executive director of The Matale Line, he has helped a number of nonprofits—from The U.S. Fund for UNICEF to The Oprah Winfrey Foundation—reframe their approach to strategic decision-making.

He has developed a strong reputation for helping organisations strengthen their brand, and then using that new “touchstone” as way to improve strategic planning, communications and fundraising. Refreshingly frank, Bill is frequently invited to speak at conferences and think tanks around the world, and is widely sought after for strategic consulting with leadership and boards of non-profits and civil society organisations. He grew up living and traveling throughout the developing world, primarily in the Middle East.