We curate the knowledge, tools and resources for social impact organisations of every size and type to be stronger and more effective.

We work across the world acting as a bridge to the very best ideas, connections and opportunities. We work with you – leaders, thinkers and change-makers. We engage hearts and minds. Because we are better together than alone. Because our collaborative power is magnificent. And because we ALL want to create a better world.

International Fundraising Congress (IFC)

Every year, fundraisers and change-makers from across the world come together to share, inspire and cross-fertilise thinking and ideas from unlikely places.

Delivered through a richly curated programme, the IFC is a hub for unparalleled learning, networking and opportunities. Amazing speakers. Global delegates. A million ideas.


Fundraising Online

#FRO16 is a free virtual conference designed to help social impact organisations of every size and type to benefit from technological change.

Richly curated content. Inspiring sessions. Truly global. Join over 3,000 leaders, change-makers and fundraisers from over 100 countries across the world.

Future Leaders Programme

An exciting and innovative course, aimed at transforming middle and senior managers into future leaders.

It has been designed to enable participants to discover their potential, explore the demands of leadership and develop the necessary skills to lead effectively.

Fundraising awards

We celebrate the efforts and successes of the fundraising community – people like you who devote their time, passion and tireless energy to their organisations and causes.


Born of the vast experience acquired by the Resource Alliance and its associates over the decades, it has been designed particularly for grass-roots and small- and medium-sized organisations.

Our work in India

Our affiliate office in India is curating and delivering the NGO Awards programme.

The sessions were amazing. All of the speakers were excellent, knowledgeable and engaging. Beyond the great sessions I attended, I got the chance to meet and learn from the best fundraising minds from around the world in-between sessions over coffees and meals. I even got to meet some of my long time fundraising heroes. The IFC was easily the five most rewarding days of my professional career.

Rory Green | Simon Fraser University

For sure I will attend the conference next year. The speakers were very professional, friendly and I got lots of tips and ways to improve my social media presence and how to use it to win new donors.

Pascale Vayer | Kleine Herzen (Austria)

The IFC is an amazing global community of fundraising professionals, representing nonprofits working in every continent of the globe. The conference had 1,000 delegates and offers high quality production values and advanced content sessions as well as incredible networking opportunities

Beth Kanter | The Networked Nonprofit

A fantastic way to get to hear from speakers which I may not normally have the opportunity to listen to. I like the international aspect of Fundraising Online and love that I don’t have to travel!

Lindsay Fiona Sievewright | xtraordinary fundraising (Spain)

The Future Leaders Programme really made a difference to me. I had the opportunity to reflect on the meaning of leadership (to inspire others), to test my own weaknesses (I have trouble delegating), and to work with a personal coach to grow into a better leader (I try to be "Nose in, hands off"!). This course was so useful that we'll be sending a person every year to attend - the investment is worth it 10 times over. Perhaps the greatest lesson for me was that leadership is a something that can be learned. I have a long way to go, but I feel the FLP has opened the road for me and I am happily on my way.

Daniel D'Esposito | Executive Director for HURIDOCS (Switzerland)

It was fantastic and for free!!! The organisation was perfect. It showed a lot of new ideas that I can apply immediately. Thanks very much!

Cristina Brandao | Dorina Foundation for the Blind (Brazil)

I consider myself a better leader because... I now have a greater awareness of what is going on in terms of team dynamics, and have learned to pay more attention to various aspects of a situation before acting.

Katherine Custodio | Head of Marketing: Asia Pacific Growth for WWF (Singapore)

The FLP was for me a “WOW” experience. I am the executive director of an NGO in the field of the prevention of child abuse and neglect. As a medical doctor, I had never learnt how to lead an organisation before, and I did it based mainly on my common sense and intuition. The Future Leaders Programme allowed me to understand myself as a leader, and to correct and enhance my personal and professional skills. I would highly recommend this course as it has really changed my awareness of being a leader.

Myriam Caranzano-Maitre | Executive Director for ASPI Foundation (Switzerland)

I am deeply thankful for the chance I got to follow this programme. This course gave me the right strengths and insights to change what is necessary in order to continue and improve my work for SOS, with one winner at the end: orphaned and vulnerable children. Thanks and congratulations to the whole team at The Resource Alliance.

Tom Moons | Head of Partnerships and External Communications for SOS Children’s Villages (Belgium)

I think the IFC is the most important conference anyone in the fundraising world should attend. The sessions, inspirational ideas, forward thinking, and networking opportunities are fantastic. I’ve attended the past two years, spoke this year, and plan to attend next year, for sure!

Elise Ledsinger | Humane Society International

I thought it was one of the most inspirational and energy infusing fundraising focused events that I've been to

Graham Drew | Charity People