We curate the knowledge, tools and resources for social impact organisations of every size and type to be stronger and more effective.

We work across the world acting as a bridge to the very best ideas, connections and opportunities. We work with you – leaders, thinkers and change-makers.

We engage hearts and minds. Because we are better together than alone. Because our collaborative power is magnificent. And because we ALL want to create a better world.

International Fundraising Congress (IFC)

Every year, fundraisers and change-makers from across the world come together to share, inspire and cross-fertilise thinking and ideas from unlikely places.

Delivered through a richly curated programme, the IFC is a hub for unparalleled learning, networking and opportunities. Amazing speakers. Global delegates. A million ideas.

IFC coming to Bangkok!

Everything that’s great about the International Fundraising Congress (IFC) is coming to Bangkok in June 2017.

Amazing speakers. High-energy sessions. Networking galore. Countless ideas to put to work right away.

Our work in India

Our affiliate office in New Delhi is curating and delivering fundraising workshops, the India NGO Awards programme, Listen In podcast series and publish a newsletter.

Our work in South Africa

Our South Africa office combines the passion, dedication, insight and experience of the Resource Alliance with content and programmes tailored to the unique South Africa environment.

Fundraising Online

FREE virtual conference designed to help social impact organisations of every size and type to benefit from technological change.

Richly curated content. Inspiring sessions. Truly global. Over 3,500 leaders, change-makers and fundraisers from 100 countries across the world.

Leading for the Future

A richly curated leadership retreat to the same calibre as our International Fundraising Congress (IFC). It’s scheduled for March 2017 and draws upon our renowned expertise in delivering premium content across global platforms.

Emerge programme

Born of the vast experience acquired by the Resource Alliance and its associates over the decades, it has been designed particularly for grass-roots and small- and medium-sized organisations.

Thailand NGO Awards

We celebrate the efforts and successes of the fundraising community – people like you who devote their time, passion and tireless energy to their organisations and causes.