Climate action. Human rights. Democracy. Peace.

War still rages, our planet still warms, women still stake their lives on the fight for equality, the few still have more than the many. There is only one thing that delivers real change: people power.

People are coming together, raising their voices, and offering solutions of their own. We are not powerless. We are surrounded by millions of people who share our frustrations and share our instinct for justice and peace. It is our job to mobilise people to take action. Together, we are powerful.

The causes we stand for are many and varied, but we fight for a common goal. We need to unite our teams and our organisations and unite with others. And we need you: resource mobilisers, campaigners, and activists.

In 2022, our community came together in search of a common purpose and made a commitment to shape the future together. Now, the time has come to unite and turn action into impact at IFC 2023.

We need to unite in more than words.

Unite for disruption.
Unite for change.
Unite for impact.

Unite. Because there is nothing more powerful than a committed community.