What is it that’s standing between you and sheer, unadulterated brilliance? What has to happen before your organisation can surpass even its biggest goals and not just change the world – but actually make it a better place to wake up in every morning?

It could be something as simple as a new conversation. A brave conversation – you know, the one that makes you uncomfortable, the one that makes you think differently than you ever have before.

A New Conversation is the theme for the IFC 2017, taking place 17-20 October in the Netherlands. You should be there.


Revolution? Or evolution?

We’re about both. We’re looking ahead at the new face of social change; we’ll help you navigate that fresh and fertile terrain … new models, new funding sources, new thinking… that new conversation.

But we’ve got your back in the here and now, too … the challenges you face in fundraising, inspiring your board, keeping the staff happy and the lights on.

Revolution and evolution. That’s what we’re about… and that’s what you’ll find at IFC 2017.



Keynotes, masterclasses, workshops, Power Hour and Big Room sessions – more than 100 educational opportunities in all, plus networking, networking, networking.

Hundreds of opportunities to mix it up

Small-group, deep-dive masterclasses. Hands-on workshops. Big-room sessions where big thinkers take on big issues in, you guessed it, big rooms. Plenaries that will set your synapses to sizzle. All with some of the world’s most inspired and inspiring social impact champions.

Nooks and crannies and networking… oh my!

Lots of space to canoodle with your colleagues from around the world, as well as hunker down and have dinner or drinks with the speakers you just heard. Maybe you’ll meet them in the photo booth. Or in the sauna. (Nothing like talking major gifts in a towel … or less.)

Total immersion

It all happens under one roof. You’ll eat, breathe, drink, dance, meditate, innovate for four days. With. The. Same. People. (The snarkiest among you will read those dramatic pauses as perhaps melodramatic. But. You. Know. What. We. Mean.)

Well-being sessions to keep your head clear and your body moving

Yoga (soothe your soul), meditation (feed your head), running (as mom used to say, “Get out and get the stink blowed off ya.”)

IFC’s (in)famous closing gala

We’d say more, but then we’d have to swear you to secrecy, and that would drastically hinder our tell-a-friend campaign.


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