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Every month — guided by some of the world’s best thinkers and doers and by the needs of our global community — we curate a powerful programme of events around a wide range of themes.


Keynote AI & the future of fundraising • 24 January

The immediate future of philanthropy hinges on how swiftly & responsibly our sector embraces AI, a critical factor in ensuring the sector’s long-term sustainability.


The India Fundraising Conference • 23 & 24 February

Showcasing innovation in fundraising and trendsetting perspectives from across the globe, this event in Delhi is designed to support the social impact sector and strengthen the Indian fundraising ecosystem.

Keynote Is COP enough? Solving the climate crisis • 28 February

We’re delighted to welcome back the three inspiring young speakers who closed IFC 2023 to interrogate if COP goes far enough and explore how we can solve the climate crisis.


Women in Fundraising 07 March

To mark International Women’s Day, we are collaborating with Women in Fundraising to bring you a session dedicated to exchanging ideas on female leadership in fundraising.

Masterclass AI fundamentals 12 & 14 March

In response to the ongoing demand from our community for support integrating AI into their social impact work, we’re hosting a two-hour interactive workshop on the fundamentals of AI for nonprofits and fundraising professionals to get you up to speed on everything you need to know. This masterclass is being repeated to support different time zones.

Keynote Islamic fundraising • 28 March

Join us for a Ramadan keynote to gain a deeper understanding of Islamic philanthropy, the importnace of fatwas, and how to identify opportunities for your organisation.


Fundraising Online: #FRO2024 • 17 & 18 April

Digitally-focused and delivered online, FRO is the virtual fundraising conference designed to keep you up to date with the latest in digital fundraising technology and best practices.


Corporate partnerships fundamentals • 14 & 16 May

Get the best possible foundations for building successful corporate-charity partnerships! Develop the confidence, skills, and tools you need to kickstart or grow your corporate partnerships programme.

Digital mobilisation fundamentals • 21 May 08.00 BST | 09.00 CEST/CAT | 12.30 IST | 17.00 AEST | 19.00 NZT

Want to know how digital mobilisation can transform your organisation and your impact? This session will help break down the fundamentals and help you take practical, bespoke first steps.

Keynote Ethical storytelling • 29 May 08.00 EDT | 09.00 Brazil | 13.00 BST | 14.00 CEST | 17.30 IST

Storytelling has the power of storytelling to do good, but also to cause harm. As a sector, we must make change. This session will look at practical steps as well as their impact on fundraising and engagement.


Major donor fundamentals • 19 & 20 June

Philanthropists and major donors can be a significant source of income for nonprofits, but working with this kind of donor can be a challenge for many reasons. Join us to discover the tools and techniques for success. This masterclass was repeated to support different time zones.

Keynote Innovative financing • 26 June 08.00 EDT | 09.00 Brazil | 13.00 BST | 14.00 CEST | 17.30 IST

Join us to hear two brilliant case studies of very different innovative approaches to fundraising and financing for NGOs of all types and sizes.


Ethical storytelling fundamentals • 02 & 04 July

Nonprofit fundraisers use stories to connect their donors with their causes. Join us to explore the ethical complexities in storytelling and find practical ways to navigate this responsibly.

Webinar Digital regular giving: Using data to advance the UK baseline • 24 July

Unlock the power of data-driven strategies for boosting your regular donor base. This session will dive into proven techniques that defy convention using data and tactics from leading UK charities that show transformational impact.

Keynote Leadership in crisis

Director of Philanthropy at UNRWA USA, Palestinian Hani Almadhoun, will provide our community with unique, first-person insight into what it means to be a leader in the most difficult of circumstances.


Women in Fundraising 16 May 10.00 EDT | 11.00 Brazil | 15.00 BST | 16.00 CEST

More information coming soon.

Keynote Women-centric design

More information coming soon.


IFC Pop-Up: Toronto 20 September

More information coming soon.

Keynote Gaming & innovation

More information coming soon.


The International Fundraising Congress: IFC 2024 • 22-25 October

Taking place every year in Noordwijk in the Netherlands, IFC is the longest-running social impact conference in the world. IFC welcomes fundraisers, campaigners, and changemakers from the four corners of the globe, and now also streams online as a hybrid event.


Keynote Key takeaways from IFC

At an event like IFC, it’s impossible to take in everything! Join us to hear from a panel of speakers and get their insight and key takeaways from the congress.


Keynote The power of community-led action

More information coming soon.

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