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Social Change

The Resource Alliance exists to support and inspire resource mobilisers to develop the knowledge, tools, and connections necessary to fuel their purpose. 

We support a highly engaged community through access to the innovative thinking, best practices, and collaborative networks necessary to ensure they are constantly growing in their ability to resource the causes they serve.

Springboard fund

For four decades, the International Fundraising Congress has been the most important global gathering for the fundraising community. Due to the ongoing pandemic, we were unable to deliver the in-person IFC in 2020 & 2021.

Our team pivoted to digital delivery, providing timely, practical fundraising content to help you stay connected and engaged with other fundraisers across the globe, but it did not provide us with the financial stability we needed. Thanks to your help, IFC has survived the pandemic and will thrive into the future. Please consider donating to help us continue our work to bring IFC, the home of global fundraising and social innovation, to more fundraisers, changemakers, and campaigners all over the world.


Our Manifesto

Are you wondering how you can get involved?

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