An introduction to neurofundraising and behavioural marketing for direct marketers: How to be more effective in motivating direct response giving in all channels

This workshop is an introduction – for those not yet familiar with neuroscience – to the principal learnings and test results from behavioural marketing, neuromarketing, psychology, and behavioural science. We will specifically focus on direct response solicitations and what we can learn from neuroscience about how to create winning direct response appeals.


Aimed at: 

Those new to neuroscience and those seeking to get an overview of research and test results from neurofundraising. 


Learning outcomes: 

  • You will learn new ways to understand what motivates giving, particularly in the direct response field.
  • You will learn about surprising test results as to how to get bigger and more frequent donations.
  • You will learn how to subliminally stimulate donors to engage and give.
  • You will be introduced to some basic principles of neuroscience (e.g. anchoring, priming, etc.) in the context of direct response solicitations. 


Geoffrey Peters (USA)
President, Moore DM Group