Organisational culture, brand, and values

Organisational culture, brand, and values

Aligning your values: blocks, bridges, and brilliance

All too often, organisational values differ completely from how a charity brand presents itself to the world and diverge even further from how it manifests in terms of culture. The nonprofit sector is facing a perfect storm of challenges: the great resignation, labour market deficits, trust challenges impacting morale, and a demand by employees for flexibility, agility, and purpose.

This session will demonstrate how aligning organisational values with brand positioning and translating these to culture can support your organisation to raise more money, attract and retain more talent, and be bolder, braver, more effective, more engaged, and more brilliant. You will be provided with tools for mapping your emotional culture, bringing values to bear, and challenging ineffective organisational structures.






Lisa-Nicole Dunne (Ireland)
Founder and Managing Director, Mantra Strategy
David O’Connor (Ireland)
Founding Partner and Head of Brand Strategy, Leverage Partnership