Conquering the digital divide: How grassroots changemakers are bridging the gap

On-the-ground experiences from the Global South on the impact of technology



About this session

How can you adopt a digital-first strategy when your supporters don’t have a smartphone, don’t use Instagram, and can’t donate online? Charles Kojo Vandyck and passionate changemakers from the Global South will show you how organisations and individuals across the region are rising to the challenges presented by COVID-19. They will share which challenges they face in communicating their message and to mobilise support in the digital age. Thinking creatively to overcome the barriers of the digital divide is making an impact on people’s lives beyond the bottom line.

The session will give you an understanding of context and let you draw inspiration from the panelists’ problem-solving and resilience. Put on your thinking cap to see how you, as a (digital) fundraiser, can think of solutions to help bridge the digital divide. Join the roundtable for an honest discussion about this very real challenge and to jointly consider smart, practical solutions for moving forward.

Aimed at

  • Fundraisers and changemakers who are experiencing the digital divide themselves
  • Foundations and INGOs collaborating with partner organisations in the Global South
  • Anyone interested in inclusion, bridging the digital divide, and contributing to concrete solutions

Learning outcomes

  • Deepen your understanding of how limited or no access to fundraising knowledge and to fundraising tools and systems makes an impact
  • Learn from and be inspired firsthand by grassroots changemakers rising to the challenge presented by the ways in which the digital divide manifests itself in their professional lives
  • Discuss and contribute ideas towards resolving this challenge



Charles Kojo Vandyck (Ghana)
Head, Capacity Development Unit, West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI)
Dr Satyendra K Srivastava (India)
Founder, The Indian Stammering Association (TISA)
Tawakalit Kareem (Nigeria)
Founder, The Butterfly Project
Mark Kebo Akparibo (Ghana)
Executive Director, Tele Bere Village Savings and Loan Association
Tony Mashao Seaka (South Africa)
Director, Born to Win Foundation
Mayara Brilhante (Brazil)
Executive Director, Parceiros Brilhantes