Global perspective and a sense of belonging

IFC supports fundraisers as it guides them to increased success

The Ikamva Labantu Charitable Trust, which offers social programmes for children, young people and older people in South Africa, credits the IFC and other Resource Alliance events with helping it to significantly grow it’s seniors programme and build monthly giving.

After a disappointing fundraising campaign, Jovana and her colleague, Ronell Jordaan, formerly a fundraiser at Ikamva Labantu (pictured right), began attending Resource Alliance professional development events in 2017. The support they found there, coupled with the inspiration and education that are the hallmarks of IFC, IFC Pop Ups and other events, was immediately and tangibly reflected in their work.

The learnings that Jovana and Ronell took from IFC Pop Ups, the Great Fundraising Masterclass and IFC significantly contributed towards the growth of the Ikamva Labantu’s seniors programme, from R2.5 million in 2014 to R12 million in 2019.

That growth has enabled the trust to sustain its seniors programme, which serves 1,500 elderly adults in 21 townships around Cape Town. It ensures that each of the organisation’s seniors clubs has its own club assistant – a ‘carer’ who is equal parts friend and caregiver and who keeps seniors active and connected. Seniors in clubs who didn’t have a club assistant tended to be less active and social. The carers also reach out door to door to identify isolated and abused or neglected seniors.

“IFC really gave us the power and confidence to maintain and grow it”, Ronell says. “Even though we have lost the initial major donors that kick-started the programme, we have developed and grown it as a result of what we learnt.”

“The growth in our individual giving programme has also been helped by what we have learnt”, she adds.

The results: Strengthening their monthly giving programme and positive response from donors

Ikamva is now formalising its monthly giving programme and setting up regular communication with donors, including a new group of monthly givers.

“The response by donors to this shift has been amazing”, Jovana says. “One major donor who donated to the Nomsa pre-school appeal shared a screen shot of Ikamva’s thank-you on her Facebook page with the remark, ‘You made my day’”.

In all its emails, newsletters, blog posts and correspondence, Ikamva is increasing the connection between the donor and the beneficiary – and it’s paying off.

Jovana also realised another benefit of attending IFC in the Netherlands. She secured an invitation to apply for funding as a result of visiting a donor in Amsterdam before the conference. It also helped her to see potential to grow income in Europe, as well as giving her an international perspective on issues facing the ageing and how social programmes can help.

Like Jovana, Ronell also leaves IFC events with a stronger sense of purpose and belonging.

“The most important development to come out of my attendance of Resource Alliance events is that I see myself as part of a group of dynamic professional individuals working in this sector”, she says. “The RA helped me see my career in different way. It’s not just a hobby or for volunteers.”

“It’s very affirming and I feel like a change-maker, not just someone begging for money”, she adds. “It also helped to reference learnings internationally, which has been enormously validating.”

IFC is a conference that brings together 1,000 fundraisers and changemakers from over 60 countries and 500 global organisations. IFC 2019 is taking place in The Netherlands from 15-18 October. Find out more and book your place now.