In October 2017, Greenpeace campaign Carolina Nyberg-Steiser lost her life in the Brazilian Amazon in the course of her work. As Head of Partnerships, Artists & Influencers at Greenpeace, she raised millions in funding that enabled not just Greenpeace, but the wider environmental and human rights movements, to drive change for a better world. 

Greenpeace and the Resource Alliance, with the support of Carolina’s family, have developed a bursary programme in her name with an aim to empower other incredible young women who care as deeply for the wellbeing of our planet, and the people that inhabit this earth, as Carolina did.

Carolina dedicated her working life to the protection of nature, bringing people together to save what is best in this world. Her conviction was always that if we are to win the greatest challenges of mankind, we must forge new alliances and collaborations that create a greater and more permanent impact than what we could achieve alone.

In her name, the bursary programme provided funding that enabled 31 young women from all over the globe to come together over a number of years at the International Fundraising Congress and related IFC events in different parts of the world.

Download the report from the final year of the programme here.

Receiving a Carolina Nyberg-Steiser Bursary Programme place was an incredible privilege. Attending IFC Asia gave me the opportunity to challenge my thinking, learn from thought leaders and network with people from all around the world with diverse perspectives and incredible stories. More than anything it left me with a profound sense of purpose and connection and invigorated my determination to come together with like-minded people to change the world.
Karen McGrath
Act for Peace, Australia
I look at resilience as the art of bouncing forward, not back. I was honoured and excited to be a part of IFC 2022 as we build a collective impact, inspire movements, and empower one another.
Natalie Hauser
Sustainable Seattle, USA
That conference was amazing. I wish we had more time. I learnt so many things. I did not waste any time and started implementing the fundraising skills I learnt the moment I got back to the office.
Nomfundo Dlangisa
Dream Factory Foundation, South Africa
Attending the IFC opened me up to many new ideas and perspectives on how to approach funding challenges in my organisation. It served as inspiration when listening to how other organisations have tried and tested the various methods, especially local organisations who face similar obstacles.
Karabo Masedi
The Institute for Justice and Reconciliation, South Africa
Attending the IFC in South Africa has gently reminded me why I chose to work in a social impact industry and has reminded me that what I do is not for myself but for the love of humankind.
Samukelisiwe Uys
Alpha South Africa, South Africa
IFC Asia was a great chance for me to gain knowledge/concepts to support my work effectively… I believe I will be able to find better ways to raise more funds from the public as well as private sector to ensure sustainability and independence and also to support activities implemented by my organisation.
Sokchea Seng
Transparency International, Cambodia