For fundraisers & nonprofits

Machine learning algorithms have been behind the scenes of modeling and ad placement for years, but now tools like ChatGPT, MidJourney, and DallE have put AI in the hands of fundraisers, campaigners, & changemakers.

Artificial intelligence isn’t going away, and it’s not something our sector can afford to ignore! That’s why we’ve enlisted the help of AI thought-leader and strategist Josh Hirsch to deliver an interactive masterclass introducing the key concepts, practical applications, and ethical considerations specific to our sector.

The two-hour masterclass will equip you with the foundational knowledge and skills to start leveraging AI effectively in your work. Through engaging discussions, hands-on activities, and
expert insight, you will gain a practical understanding of AI’s potential for nonprofits.
Framed specifically around fundraising and the nonprofit sector, the session will include:

  • Potential benefits & challenges
  • Key terminology & concepts
  • Practical examples of real-world use cases
  • Sector success stories highlighting impacts & outcomes
  • Identifying opportunities to apply AI
  • Brainstorming potential use cases & feasibility
  • Relevant tools & platforms
  • Hands-on exploration of key tools
  • Ethical considerations & data protection
  • Integrating AI tools into existing workflows
  • Emerging trends & innovations

The session will be delivered & facilitated by Josh Hirsch, Senior Strategist at Soukup Strategic Solutions. Josh is a pioneering educator in the realm of artificial intelligence for nonprofits and has contributed to the development of a specialised curriculum at The Fund Raising School to empower nonprofit organisations with AI competencies. As a respected voice in this emerging field, he is frequently invited to speak at conferences and workshops about the strategic integration of AI in nonprofit initiatives.

By the end of the masterclass, you will understand the fundamentals of AI and its relevance to the sector; be familiar with common terminology and concepts; understand how to identify opportunities within your own organisations; understand ethical considerations and privacy implications; have hands-on experience with practical tools & platforms suitable for use in the sector; and have insight into future trends and innovations.

The masterclass takes place on 12 March at 08.00 AEDT | 10.00 NZDT | 14.00 PDT | 16.00 CDT | 17.00 EDT.