Speaker proposals

Apply to speak at IFC 2024

The International Fundraising Congress is a platform to share learnings and best practices from around the world. Do you have a topic that you’re passionate about? Are you an expert in your area? Are you working on something new you think the whole social impact world could benefit from? We want to hear from you!

The Resource Alliance is hugely appreciative of its wonderful community of speakers and it is important to us that our speakers represent a diverse range of voices and experiences. We particularly encourage applications from younger voices and from global majority countries keen to share their expertise.
This year’s theme is WE RISE. You can find out more about the theme here. Session proposals should align with this theme.

Application requirements

The submission deadline for speaker proposals is Wednesday 10 January 2024. Proposals will be reviewed by the IFC Advisory Panel and successful applicants will be contacted tentatively by the end of January.

Sessions should align with one of the following tracks:

  • Innovation & transformation
  • Fundraising
  • Storytelling
  • Leadership & teambuilding
  • (Re)thinking purpose
  • New technology
  • Strategy
  • Mobilising people

To submit an application, you will be required to submit the following:

  • Your personal information
  • A high resolution headshot (this will only be used if your application is successful)
  • A summary of your session topic
  • A suggested title for your session and a description/overview of what will be covered (200 words max.)
  • Three learning outcomes (these should not be a verbatim repeat of what is contained in the session description)
  • Key takeaways
  • A short informal video (one to two minutes max.), which can be recorded on your phone or laptop, telling us why your session should be included in our 2024 programme
  • Details of your cospeaker/s (if applicable)

Why should you apply to speak at IFC 2024?

Leading a session at IFC 2024 is your chance to showcase your ideas to a global audience and raise awareness of your work outside your own circles. The International Fundraising Congress has been running for over 40 years. As a speaker, you’ll join a roster that has included world-renowned authors, activists, researchers, and thought leaders.

Our speakers receive mentorship and guidance from the IFC Advisory Panel, an independent group of social impact leaders selected from across the globe who help us shape the event every year. You will receive a complimentary ticket to the event, valued at up to £2,996, including your accommodation and all of your meals. We do not cover travel expenses as standard, but if this is a barrier to attendance you can apply for travel support.

Who should apply

In our call for speakers for IFC 2024, we are looking for:

Proven expertise: As a speaker, you will need to demonstrate a proven track record of experience in your chosen field, as well as great presentation skills.

New ideas: We strive to present cutting-edge content and the latest in social impact innovation. Alternatively, we also love to receive fresh and innovative takes on the basics. 

Diversity: We welcome applications from new and returning speakers who are a mix of practitioners and consultants as well as those in the corporate sphere. We strive to have a balance of speakers across the gender identity spectrum with a variety of needs and abilities. We place a high value on including a diverse range of voices in every session, in particular those from underrepresented communities, and want to hear from speakers from all over the world. Proposals should reflect this value both in who is presenting and in the content delivered. 

Balance: Speakers from agencies, consultancies, and service providers must invite a co-presenter from an NGO client to provide a strong balance of theory and practice in the ideas and strategies presented. Two speakers from the same organisation may not present together in the same session.

How to apply

We are currently seeking speakers to present both workshops and masterclasses.


There will be two kinds of masterclasses at IFC 2024: full-length masterclasses and mini masterclasses. Full-length masterclasses are six hours long and split across two days with the same group of people. Mini masterclasses are three hours long and are held twice on two consecutive days with different groups.

Masterclasses are an optional add-on to the IFC experience and facilitate immersive interaction and exchange, taking place ahead of the main conference programme on Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23 October 2024. The longer format allows time for in-depth learning and practical exercises to discuss and apply new knowledge. Masterclasses should present practical examples from organisations of different sizes operating in different contexts. Masterclasses at IFC are not long seminars where one person speaks and an audience listens, but are a space for questions, conversation, and group exercises. Participants should leave the room with new knowledge and understanding and with clear takeaways and actions to implement when they return to their normal routine. Critically, they should understand how to practically apply what they have learned in their own work.


Workshops at IFC are dynamic, inspirational 60-minute presentations that provide insights and reflections. They should be simultaneously thought-provoking yet straightforward and include cutting-edge content that exposes participants to fresh new ideas. Workshops are typically repeated more than once and make up the bulk of the main IFC programme and take place from Wednesday 23 through Friday 25 October. 

The length of a workshop allows limited time for in-depth reflection and should aim instead for quick interactions that spark conversation among participants. Each workshop should include at least one real-world example and participants. Participants are keen to engage one-on-one with our speakers to tap into their expertise, so make sure to allow time for questions and answers.

If you are also applying to deliver a masterclass, please bear in mind that, while your workshop may be on the same topic, it should not be prepared as a condensed version of your masterclass presentation – the two session types have different dynamics and objectives.