Is your fundraising strategy prepared for surprise?

Attendees will participate in a Liberating Structure called Critical Uncertainties that will help them see different futures unfolding and become more resilient in responding to the changes effectively. Working on their own situations, participants will build their capacity to actively shape the system and be prepared to respond to uncertain future challenges. They will have a better understanding of the viability of their current fundraising strategies and a widened range of strategic options. Individual thinking will be combined with group reflection to benefit from diverse perspectives. Participants will leave this workshop not only with fresh new ideas for their own strategy, but they will also learn about Liberating Structures.

The well-tested tools of Liberating Structures provide all that you need to fundamentally help groups of people explore how to think differently – and then create differently – together. This progressive facilitation approach is both practical and feasible because Liberating Structures are simple and easy to learn. They can be used by everyone at every level, from the executive suite to the grassroots. Liberating Structures spark inventiveness by minimally structuring the way we interact while liberating content or subject matter.

Learning outcomes

  • Expanded understanding of uncertainties in the fundraising environment and the options to respond
  • Increased capacity to respond to future challenges quickly, actively and resiliently
  • Increased confidence in managing unknowable future
  • Facilitate this strategic planning activity within your own teams as needed
  • Become familiar with Liberating Structures, a set of simple open source facilitation activities that increase participation and collaboration

Who should attend: Anyone participating in the planning of fundraising strategy


Gareth Durrant (Australia)
Consultant, DSIL Global