500k new supporters from Facebook. Who said digital isn’t scalable?

Come on the journey of how Greenpeace UK shifted from a reliance on face-to-face fundraising to generating over 500,000 new sign-ups through video-led Facebook lead generation in two years.

For years in the fundraising profession – especially individual giving – we have been looking for new revenue streams to replace traditional fundraising methods. We have looked to digital as this new potential, but if we’re honest, we haven’t found the scalable volumes that other activities can deliver.

At the same time, there has never been anything like Facebook in the history of the world. With 2 billion active monthly users, the most engaging and immediate storytelling medium ever, an unrivalled ad platform and frictionless donation tools (currently in the US and expanding), it’s ALREADY the next big thing for fundraising.

In this fast-paced, practical workshop, attendees will find out how Greenpeace UK shifted its acquisition strategy – from an over reliance on face-to-face fundraising with challenging retention rates – to a mostly digital acquisition funnel. We’ll describe how new forms of video, Facebook’s ad platform, landing page optimisation and telemarketing conversion delivered high volumes of new donors with much higher retention rates.

Attendees will follow the journey with a workbook. We will cover the organisational strategy and KPIs behind the success, key implementation guidelines/practices and the key challenges that will need to be overcome for similar success.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand how to SCALE digital using Facebook and an acquisition funnel.
  • Understand how to shift to a more agile form of developing content (especially video) that works on Facebook.
  • Learn the key tactics for boosting online-only conversion to reduce the impact on telemarketing.
  • Understand the key organisational challenges and opportunities of moving to a digital-lead generation and conversion programme and key recommendations for how to prepare for these internally

Who should attend: 

  • Individual giving managers and practitioners (not just “digital”practitioners)
  • Digital managers and practitioners
  • Marketing campaign managers
  • Storytellers / campaign content producers
  • Campaigners / advocacy staff

Session style: We will split the session into parts. The first part will focus on the organisational strategy behind the success. For this part we will inspire attendees with the success metrics Greenpeace UK has achieved. The second part will focus on implementation. We will provide guidelines/recommendations to help organisations develop key elements to deliver a successful FB programme. The third part will address some of the key challenges and bottlenecks that will need to be overcome.


Nick Burne (UK)
Managing Partner, Nick Burne Consulting
Danielle (Danni) Adam (Australia)
Head of Strategy and Development Australia, GivePanel