A Digital NGO: Starting the transformation from paper to screen

In today’s world, effective NGOS not only raise money online, but everything they do has a digital dimension. Successful digital fundraisers know how difficult it is to raise money if your organization is relying on paper and other outdated methods for doing the work. And while digital tools won’t completely replace face-to-face interaction, incorporating digital has become essential for delivering your nonprofit’s mission and raising money to support your organization programs.

This highly participatory and interactive forum will help participants assess where their organization’s approach to incorporating digital and work with their peers and experts in the room on how to get started with digital transformation for campaigns, user experience, service delivery, and other areas. Participants will gain insights on the needed mindsets, tool sets, and skill sets to achieve their fundraising goals and have a greater impact in their programs.


Beth Kanter (USA)
Speaker, Author, Virtual Facilitator, and Trainer ,bethkanter.org
Marco Kuntze (UK)
Resource Alliance Board Member and Digital Fundraising Specialist, Relishing Digital
Cherisse Faith Beh (Singapore)
Assistant Director, Marketing & Communications, National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre
Gillian Tan (Singapore)
Digital Strategist, National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre
Toral Cowieson (USA)
Senior Director, Internet Society
Aseem K. Thakur (Singapore)
CEO, GIVE.asia