A fundraiser’s guide to recruiting regular giving donors using digital video

Want to know how to recruit regular giving donors through digital channels? Or gain ideas on how to develop your digital video fundraising strategy? This workshop will offer insights into why video is so important for the future of digital fundraising. You’ll see case studies from both UK and international charities that are using video to support a variety of fundraising propositions: regular giving, sponsorship, prospecting, campaigning, lottery, and legacy.  

These can be challenging times for fundraisers, as cold acquisition channels are affected by changing data regulations. One key potential growth channel for the future in fundraising is digital, but as yet few charities have been able to acquire regular giving donors at an affordable cost per donor and, more importantly, at volume. DTV has spent the past three years testing different propositions and products with a range of charities and we’ve seen some great successes (and some failures)! We think it’s time we shared what we’ve learned with the rest of you. With practical tips and advice, some case study examples, and a good dollop of inspiration, everyone should come away with something they can apply to their own programmes. 


Aimed at: 

Anyone who works in fundraising or digital and specifically those who work in individual giving donor recruitment. 


Learning outcomes: 

  • Understand the importance and power of video in digital fundraising.
  • Learn how to use video effectively for digital fundraising.
  • See real life examples that you can apply to your own organisation.


Saleem Tejani
Head of Digital, DTV Group