A global exploration of purpose

A glimpse inside the minds of fundraisers, brought to you by Threadline

Ever pondered the fervour that fuels fundraising? Come on an enthralling journey delving into the hearts of triumphant fundraisers worldwide! These are insights and lessons synthesised from emotional interviews with fundraisers from all over the world.


  • Catalyst of Dedication: Unravel the allure drawing individuals to fundraising’s noble path
  • Empathy’s Bridge: Master the art of forging connections between fundraisers, benefactors, and beneficiaries
  • Success Traits: Explore the personality alchemy that propels fundraising excellence
  • Resilience Unleashed: Witness the wellspring of determination that helps fundraisers weather rejection
  • Fulfillment Revealed: Navigate the path to lasting fulfillment while averting burnout

This isn’t just another presentation; it’s an odyssey into the heart of philanthropy. Prepare for an immersive experience that is part presentation and part therapy, igniting your fundraising journey with fresh perspectives and newfound vigour.

Who is it for?

Anyone curious about what drives fundraisers to do what they do.

Learning outcomes

  • Find out if other fundraisers are driven by the same things you are
  • Make stronger connections with those you meet on your journey
  • Learn life lessons from people like you


Kristian A. Alom√°, PhD
Founder & CEO, Threadline
Madeline Duran
Director, Threadline