Activism, people power and digital innovation

Activism, people power and digital innovation: Building a global digital community for activism


About this session

In this session we will share learnings and insights about how digital innovation can be used to harness people-power to bring about change. We will discuss why we need to put people at the centre of our work in social change, and how to use the power of digital to do this. We will cover: 1) Experiences in youth-led campaigning, 2) Strategies to enable supporters to lead on their own work, 3) Approaches to bring supporters closer through 1-1 interactions on messaging apps, 4) Using Instagram as a tool for activism, amplifying the voices of people. We will also explore the challenges and opportunities we face working in the digital space; from our concerns about privacy, to digital security, and harnessing the power of digital to bring about true digital community.

This session is aimed at:

From big NGOs, to small grassroots movements and activists, including fundraisers, campaigners and digital communication and engagement colleagues and anyone interested in how we can make digital a better place.

What you will learn

  • You will learn why we all need to put supporters at the centre of our work, and how you can convince others in your organisations to do so
  • You will learn how you can practically put people power at the centre of your work using digital innovation practices
  • You will come away thinking about how we can together re-imagine the future of the digital community, and the role that Big Tech platforms play in this.





Valeriia Voshchevska (UK)
Acting Global Head of Digital Engagement, Amnesty International
Rachael Mayo (UK)
Global Digital Campaigner, Amnesty International
Marta Lobo (UK)
Global Supporter Engagement Specialist, Amnesty International