Revolutionising charitable giving in China

Revolutionising charitable giving in China

The Alibaba fundraising platform



About this session

Learn how the Alibaba platform has connected the profits of corporates to charities and how this has revolutionised the digital fundraising model, and how block chain technology is being used for good.

Qianwen is here to introduce the Alibaba platform and the positive impact it’s having on the Chinese fundraising market. Through the project Goods for Good and their charity e-shop in 2019 570m RMB ($82m USD) was raised, changing millions of peoples lives.

You’ll be guided through how you can make use of the platform to raise funds for good causes in China and around the world.

Aimed at

People interested in

  • Digital fundraising
  • Crowdfunding
  • Technology for good
  • Corporate and charitable partnerships


Learning outcomes

  • Alibaba’s digital fundraising approach
  • How to use the platform to fundraise and make social changes
  • How blockchain can play a role in the platform


About the speakers

Qianwen is currently a CSR manager in Alibaba Group. She has been involved in online fundraising development and government affairs for five years. In that time she has developed the Taobao Charity online shop, Alibaba philanthropic Event and digital  anti-human trafficking projects. 

Qianwen has a Master of Science in International Relations from University of Bristol.




Qianwen Ding (China)
CSR Manager, Alibaba Group