Adapting to the changing digital landscape

Adapting to the changing digital landscape

How zero-click searches, SEO, web3, & more impact your fundraising

The last few years have seen significant changes to how we use digital. Voice search, fewer and fewer clicks on links that answer Google searches, and the transition to a cookieless world are all things nonprofits must adapt to, just like any other online publisher, if they want to stay relevant and insure their digital fundraising activities. But to adapt to change, first you need to understand what exactly is changing and why.

Once you start to explore this, you’ll see that one thing is clear: the single most important thing at this moment for digital fundraisers is content. Creative assets, podcasts, series, and even NFTs, but also website content that is optimised for search all represent touchpoints between your organisation and your potential donors. To make the most of these touchpoints, they should be thoroughly thought out. This workshop will give you a better understanding of this new digital era including Web 2.0 & Web 3.0 and efficient cookieless strategies as well ideas for how to use content effectively for your fundraising.






Anne Roullier (France)
Head of Strategy, Orixa Media