Agile fundraising strategy: How to thrive in changing times!

Agile fundraising strategy – How to thrive in changing times! Sustain, build and flourish in times of constant change


About this session

Can we really still rely on the ‘tried and tested’ when our world has fundamentally and irrevocably changed? Is the answer to try to retrofit our old ways onto a new and still-changing context or do we need to re-imagine the way forward? Using a proven “Agile Fundraising Strategy” framework and a healthy dose of Futures Thinking, Kerren and Sebastian will take you step by step through a process to identify your Fundraising Future(s) and a roadmap to take you there – a roadmap that survives a changing landscape. The principles and frameworks will be brought to life through the lived experience of Seb and his team at Life Flight, one of the world’s southernmost – and highly active – helicopter rescue services. Taking the Life Flight ethos “There has to be a better way”, Kerren and Seb will share how the Agile Fundraising Strategy helped redefined priorities, for immediate effect, in delivering against the agreed roadmap despite a Level 4 lockdown and significant pressure on service delivery. Taking an optimistic and good-humoured approach, Kerren and Seb will engage delegates to love strategy and eagerly anticipate change. The workshop will incorporate the 5 key elements of Agile Fundraising Strategy: Context, ambition, plan, action, recalibration. The modelling tools and frameworks will be provided to delegates for immediate use in their own organisation.

This session is aimed at:

  • Fundraising leaders seeking to align their teams around a clear roadmap and integrated strategy
  • Disaster and emergency organisations seeking a framework to reconcile the boom and bust of crisis based fundraising
  • Fundraisers grappling with how to steer a path through rapid change
  • Programme managers seeking an easy way to deliver a professional programme strategy
  • New and emerging charities seeking a solid framework on which to build their growth plans
  • CEO’s and executives seeking a method to positively engage teams around change.

What you will learn

  • Ability to critically analyse a set of factors to identify priority actions and staging
  • A step by step customisable strategy framework that is easy to understand and implement as soon as participants return to their office
  • Thinking tools to problem solve and ideate
  • Soft skills around supporting teams in the face of rapid change
  • Simple 5-year financial modelling tools to run different/performance investment scenarios.





Kerren Morris (Australia)
Strategy Director, IVE Group
Sebastian Grodd (New Zealand)
Marketing and Fundraising Manager, Life Flight