AI agents & knowledge bases

Time to move forward

Get to know Charlie, Monica, and Mobi, three AI agents specialising in different areas of fundraising (trusts and foundations, digital fundraising, and face-to-face)! Understand how they are built, learn about the knowledge bases that support them, and find out how we can interact with them through text, voice, and dashboards/reports.

Budget cuts, abundant unused and siloed data, pressure for results, demanding audiences, the imminence of burnout, downsizing… Who hasn’t experienced these things?

Now, imagine a group of AI agents that boost your confidence and impact, or even act as a set of highly specialised personal assistants for each member of your team (the job description of your dreams!), each with access to all the relevant information about and knowledge of your organisation as well as historical data, strategies, policies, reports, and even cultural considerations.

And no, these assistants are not going to replace your team – their function is not to increase the productivity of your people, because we know that productivity is proportional to the reduction of stress and the increase of leisure time; productivity is the freedom to think. These assistants can help to mitigate risk and bring evidence into the decision-making process, creating a safe space that frees up people’s creative potential.


Filipe Páscoa
CEO and Lead Researcher, Bee Relevant
Gerónimo Tutusaus