Hands-On AI Mastery for Global Fundraising

Dive into the world of responsible AI and charitable giving.

This engaging, hands-on workshop is designed to empower you with practical AI skills for global fundraising success.

You’ll get an overview of the current global AI landscape with a lens to the future, including a clear understanding of the role of AI transformation for workforce development and how integrating AI influences fundraising, stewardship, staff retention, and more. The session will emphasise hands-on learning and you will actively engage in projects and case study reviews to understand AI’s application in real-world scenarios.

Learning outcomes

  • Get hands-on experience with AI tools for innovative fundraising strategies and custom GPT creation
  • Understand how to implement ethical AI practices in fundraising, with a focus on responsible governance
  • Learn strategies for integrating AI into your organisational operations


Nathan Chappell
Senior Vice President, DonorSearch
Anne Murphy
Founder & CEO, Empowered Fundraiser