Australia: The Bushfire effect

Australia: The Bushfire effect

 Responding to a national crisis in a globalised world



About this session

How did the Australian Red Cross respond to the Bushfires? And what can you learn from them? 

$200 million was raised and Belinda and her team are just coming up for breath. In this session she’ll explain how the organisation responded to a crisis unlike any they’d seen before and how they operated in an environment where nothing was normal.  

A phone call from Kylie Minogue, David Beckham sending messages and Ellen DeGeneres launching a fundraiser on her show. Together with local children saving their pocket money, people hosting bake sales and digging deep into their pockets.    

Hear how new platforms were created to support the response, how donations from overseas were handled and how the organisation was able to support global events and concerts. And ultimately, how the Australian Red Cross was able to deliver the support to the people who needed it most. 


Aimed at

  • Everyone wanting to engage new audiences 
  • People from global organisations or interested in global fundraising 


Learning outcomes

  • Taking advantage of an event around you  
  • Quick thinking and fundraising responses  
  • Communicating effectively  
  • Engaging an audience and pre-empting when sentiment shifts 




Belinda Dimovski (Australia)
Director Engagement and Support, Australian Red Cross