Always on: A digital framework for fundraising growth

Always on: A digital framework for fundraising growth

About this session

Fauna & Flora International (FFI) had yet to prove the true value of digital marketing to its board when the team engaged Manifesto to create a new digital fundraising stream for the organisation. This workshop will explore the pilot project in detail, demonstrating how Manifesto and FFI laid the groundwork for an always-on digital fundraising framework, resulting in mailing list growth and new cash donors. The session will dig into the social channels that made the framework such a success, zeroing in on the implementation of intelligent tracking and assessing the true business value of always-on digital. A broad audience project like this is not without its challenges, but you will learn how the framework was able to tap into multiple demographics at once. Participants will discover how the pilot project achieved an ROI of 311% with 3,548 new donors captured through fine-tuning paid social ads to reach the most donors from all backgrounds, and come away with the knowledge to prove to senior management that digital is worth investing in.

This session is CFRE-accredited. Attendance at the session, in conjunction with the speaker Q&A that follows, is worth one point.






Mark Todd (UK)
Digital Marketing Manager, Fauna & Flora International
Louise Barton (UK)
Digital Marketing Manager, Manifesto