The amazingly ultimate #donorlove fundraising masterclass for fantastic fundraising superstars!!!

Your donors aren’t simple and they don’t fit in one box. They’re complicated humans who give money and time and go to work and vacation with friends and binge watch TV. They live off-line and online. They think about love and death and they dream about making a difference. They are beautifully inconsistent… and they are everywhere.

You understand this. You’re a great fundraiser. And this masterclass is for you. This masterclass is everything for everyone: Three very different fundraisers bring their expertise and experiences of digital, face-to-face, DM, design, telephone, corporate fundraising and more to present the ultimate 6.5-hour guide to fundraising. Together we can bring all the channels together, showing love for donors through an integrated programme and raising more.

You’ll come out of this masterclass with a solid grasp of all things fundraising and an understanding of how all the pieces fit together. You’ll have the confidence to raise more money and the tools to be an all-round fundraising powerhouse.

Learning outcomes

  • How to use digital to allow you to do more with fewer resources
  • How to find, create and share beautiful stories that resonate with values and emotions – from urgent appeals to legacy letters and everything in between
  • Everything you need to write your own donor love story (a robust and awesome contact plan that will inspire and engage your donors like never before)
  • Tips, tricks and ‘nudges’ you can implement tomorrow, no matter how big or small your organisation or your budget
  • How to create campaigns, and a whole fundraising program, that make you feel good as a fundraiser and make your donors feel great too!
  • Specific writing and design techniques that are raising more money right now — and building amazing donor relationships
  • How to show the love and ask for money on the phone, face-to-face, through DM or digital

Who should attend: Fundraisers who want an all-rounder masterclass rather than focusing one one area; small-shop fundraisers and managers who oversee multiple channels

Session style: Primarily teaching with some hands on, guided by four teachers. Lots of audience participation and flexibility to deal with attendees’ specific goals.


Simon Scriver (Ireland)
Consultant and Trainer,
Jen Love (Canada)
Owner/Partner, Agents of Good
Beate Sørum
CEO, b.bold