Business as usual has to change: An overview of the why, what and how of innovation within fundraising​

Business as usual has to change

An overview of the why, what and how of innovation within fundraising​



About this session

Society is changing. Fast. The fundraising propositions that worked yesterday, will not work tomorrow. And the organisations that are able to anticipate and meet these new donor needs will succeed. The rest will fall by the wayside. And in the context of COVID-19 innovation in this sector is needed more than ever.

Come to this session to find out why fundraising business as usual has to change. Featuring sector trends, research, benchmarks and insights from the innovation index; take away ready-made slides you can use to convince senior leadership to invest in innovation.

Learn in what ways you and your organisation could innovate to be more relevant; from embracing new ways of working and developing new products, to changing departmental structures and even pivoting your charity’s purpose. And leave with a box full of tools for how to get there; from identifying the right insights using root cause analysis, solving problems using ideation techniques and human centred design principles, through to setting up innovation pipelines and creating a culture of innovation within your workplace.

Packed with examples from the charity sector and business world, this session will also include links to books, podcasts, and free online courses where you can learn more. 


Aimed at

Attendees looking to get behind the buzz words and understand what innovation truly means Delegates form small organisations looking to harness their agility to be bold to large organisations looking to find a way through the tape of bureaucracy, for career fundraisers looking to keep the inspiration alive to people new to our sector looking to understand how things are done and how they can do things better. This session is everyone driven to be best we can be to change the world. 


Learning outcomes

  • What’s happening in fundraising ​(and why it’s a problem)​
  • Why is it happening? (our analysis)​
  • What can we do about it? (innovate)
  • Types of innovation​ 




Ben Littlejohn (Australia)
Marketing and Communications Director, Act For Peace
Ruth Wicks (Australia)
Senior Consultant, More Strategic