Becoming fundraising’s most-wanted

Be the fundraiser everyone wants on their team

In a world driven by people power, some people stand out. You know that person who walks into the room (virtual or real!) and you just think, “You! We want you!” You don’t even know their skills or experience, but they have a vibe that puts them in demand. What’s their secret? Actually, they have three: a high performance mindset, an approach the unites rather than divides, and more than just a bit of backbone.

Using real examples from fundraising teams and individuals who have experienced significant challenges and risen to them, this workshop will let you in on all three secrets so you can make sure you have what it takes to be fundraising’s most-wanted. The session will include practical tips, tricks, and techniques that busy fundraisers can take away and put into action right away.

Who is it for?

Fundraisers, fundraising managers, heads of teams, and senior leaders – this session is open to all and suitable for everyone.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn how to adopt the right mindset for high performance
  • Discover ways to develop a taste for change and risk
  • Get resilience hints and tips that stick


Helena Sharpstone
Director, Sharpstone Skinner Ltd
Alan Bolchover
Director of Fundraising, Marketing and Communications, The Outward Bound Trust