Behavioural science in action

Behavioural science in action

Nudge ‘em. Prime ‘em. Anchor ‘em.

Have you ever wondered why deadlines work so well? Or why the order of your ask string can have such a big impact? From the fact that we fear loss more than we value gain, to how the first piece of information you hear influences everything that comes after it, understanding key behavioural science principles can accelerate your fundraising results – for free. Because minor nudges, like a simple change in copy, can have massive results without costing an extra cent.

This session will explore how insights from the behavioural sciences have been used practically around the world to rocket fundraising results. These concepts underpin many common fundraising tactics you’re probably already using, but with a clearer grasp of them you’ll be able to design better campaigns, tactics, and creative, and better judge what “good” looks like. The workshop will cover (at least!) six behavioural science concepts that can help you accelerate change at your organisation, with each illustrated with real examples from successful campaigns from Canada, USA, Ireland, Australia, and the UK.






John Lepp
Partner, Agents of Good
Dana Segal
Senior Partner Consultant, =mc