Beyond the tactics: The fundamentals of delivering a positive supporter experience

Supporter experience has finally been climbing up the priority ladder, and investment into thanking, welcome journeys, donor journeys, and impact reporting are starting to really pay off. What was once considered a ‘nice to have’ is increasingly being seen as an essential part of fundraising. But are we just scratching the surface of what it really means to deliver a really positive supporter experience? Are we missing a crucial piece of the puzzle, and is the effort that we make in developing great supporter experience tactics being lost on our donors?  

In this session, two detail-driven fundraisers will explore a ‘fundamentals’ model to delivering effective supporter experience built on commercial thinking. We will focus on the operational and cultural systems needed to support tactical strategies and discuss the impact of areas that perhaps don’t first come to mind when thinking about supporter experience. We can’t promise glamour and excitingly creative conversations, but we can offer some lively and practical discussion to enable you to quickly identify and action some of the harder nuts to crack within your own organisation. 


Aimed at: 

  • Fundraisers in charities who are trying to improve supporter experience 
  • Leaders who have influence on organisational investment 
  • Data and supporter care managers 


Learning outcomes: 

  • Fundamentals that should be in your supporter experience strategy beyond donor communications 
  • The role that the organisational culture plays in delivering a positive supporter experience 
  • Identification of key internal staff who need to be part of your supporter experience stakeholder group


Jason Novelli (Canada)
Senior Manager Donor Marketing, Diabetes Canada
Rachel Hunnybun (Canada)
Fundraising Consultant, Blakely Inc