Blog Perfect: The write way to fundraise

Raise funds for your cause through blogging




About this session

Learn how Greenpeace East Asia achieved over 100 recurring donations each month in 2020 through blogging! During the pandemic, with the fight for online eyeballs more competitive than ever, every organisation has realised the importance of growing its digital fundraising capacity. Blogging can be a useful format to grow your online donation base, and it’s one that is essentially cost-free. This session will share how the Greenpeace team successfully competed with other online outlets for the attention of potential donors by using what many consider to be an outdated form of online communication. The session will cover storytelling techniques, how to blog, creating compelling stories that work for your cause, blogging for SEO, being responsive, and how to stand out in the busy online space.

Aimed at

  • Fundraisers
  • Digital people
  • Practitioners
  • Managers
  • Engagement people
  • Campaigners

Learning outcomes

  • Responsive storytelling via blogs
  • Online donation generation through blogging
  • How to stay engaging and get your audience’s eyes on your cause during the pandemic



Cindy Lee (Hong Kong)
Digital Fundraiser, Greenpeace East Asia
Garrick Ka Wai Liu (Hong Kong)
Digital Fundraiser, Greenpeace East Asia
Kelly Huang (Taiwan)
Digital Fundraising Assistant Manager, Greenpeace East Asia