Brand building

Brand building

Enhancing donor relationships through narrative design

Most nonprofits share stories about their mission or their impact with their donors and supporters. While this helps donors feel confident about how the organisation will use their gift, there is much more that nonprofits can do to help donors feel better about the act of giving.

The first thing we need is an understanding of why they people give in the first place so we can design the brand relationship around the donor’s story.

Drawing on academic research, this workshop will reveal the brand-building power of narrative psychology, sharing the pillars of narrative design:

  • Helping donors express their own stories
  • Crafting a clear brand narrative
  • Extending the impact of the organisation in the lives of donors

Using the tools and techniques shared in this hands-on session, you will be able to clearly define and enhance your organisation’s relationships with its most loyal supporters.







Kristian A. Alomá, PhD
Founder & CEO, Threadline